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  1. 61 Cygni lies to the southeast of Deneb. Look for a triangle of stars of similar brightness. 61 Cyg is the westernmost. North is up and east is left. In these stars are " apart, making them easy in any scope. The cool surface temperatures give them a ruddy .
  2. 61 Cygni I, also Tellar I, was a planet, a rocky world located in the Tellar sector of the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant, in orbit of the 61 Cygni binary star system. Tellar I was the first planet in its system. (STO - Season The Iconian War mission: "Venture into Deep Space") Appendices Edit Connections Edit. Template:Alpha Quadrant planets and.
  3. Double Star designated 61 in Cygnus the Swan Claim to Fame: Some of the closest stars to the sun(13th closest). Moving very rapidly through space as seen from Earth at a rate of ~45, miles per hour (72, km/hr) Type of Star: Orange-red Main Sequence (Spectral Class K and K4) How Far Away: light years How Big.
  4. 61 Cygni é uma estrela binária e uma das mais próximas do Sol, estando a aproximadamente 11,3 anos-luz, na constelação de lauflamacerusinmadernokasdiskca.xyzinfote em duas estrelas anãs laranjas, que se orbitam em um período de anos e ficam a 84 UA uma da outra.. Pequenas variações sistemáticas nas órbitas das duas estrelas podem indicar que há um terceiro corpo celeste no sistema, ainda não visto e.
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  7. 61 Cygni (Gliese AB) ye una estrella binaria visual na constelación del Cisne, formada por dos estrelles separaes 29 segundos d'arcu de magnitú aparente +5,21 y +6,03 respeutivamente. Apaecen como un par d'estrelles de color coloráu-naranxa, siendo una de les estrelles dobles más formoses observables con prismálauflamacerusinmadernokasdiskca.xyzinfoda a daqué más de 11 años lluz, ye la decimoquinta estrella.
  8. 61 Cygni / ˈ s ɪ ɡ n ɪ / is a binary star system in the constellation Cygnus, consisting of a pair of K-type dwarf stars that orbit each other in a period of about years. Of apparent magnitude and respectively, they can be seen with binoculars in city skies or with the naked eye in rural areas without light pollution.. 61 Cygni first attracted the attention of astronomers.
  9. 61_cygni 1 point 2 points 3 points 6 months ago I really feel like agencies doubt the number of kpop fans there are here, both in America as well as in the south. And I actually didn't know about the whole manual syncing thing, I just the thought the actual organizers themselves did through, like, their own special app or .

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