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  2. phrasal verb If someone does you down, they try to you make other people think that you are unpleasant or unsuccessful by criticizing you.
  3. From spraying down subways to locking down entire cities, governments around the world are using similar measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Lockdowns and Spray-Downs: What Works, and.
  4. do sb down definition: 1. to criticize someone in order to make them feel ashamed or to make other people lose respect. Learn more.
  5. Live Thoroughbred horse racing, stakes racing, featured events, simulcasting, and Kentucky Derby museum tours at Churchill Downs Racetrack.
  6. Do down definition is - to get the better of (as by trickery). How to use do down in a sentence.
  7. noun Often downs. (used especially in southern England) open, rolling, upland country with fairly smooth slopes usually covered with grass. (initial capital letter) any sheep of several breeds, raised originally in the downs of southern England, as the Southdown, Suffolk, etc. Archaic. a hill, especially a .
  8. Welcome to The Downs, Southern Maine's exciting new place to live, work, and play a ‑acre mixed‑use community located in the heart of Scarborough with an enviable array of living options set in natural surroundings, with a vibrant Town Center and a truly integrated Innovation District.

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