8 thoughts on “ Dream, Motherfucker/Seed - Dry Spell (2) - Dry Spell (Vinyl, LP, Album) ”

  1. to go for a period of time (usually longer than shorter) without something; sex, drugs, etc.
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  3. This spell is designed to remind this person just how amazing you are or how much they are missing out on, if they’ve been with you before. You could also use this spell to torment someone while they are sleeping. Imagine if you couldn’t sleep night after night because you couldn’t stop dreaming about a .
  4. This spell shapes a creature's dreams. Choose a creature known to you as the target of this spell. The target must be on the same plane of existence as you. Creatures that don't sleep, such as elves, can't be contacted by this spell.
  5. The seeds of intention planted at the new moon are ready for harvest as the moon hangs full in the sky, and this harvesting is supported by taking real-world action. While we might never be privy to our entire life’s path in advance, the light of the full moon illuminates our next steps, guiding our actions to best.
  6. Dry Spell Lyrics: If it was for me / I thought it would come so easy / I never realized / Life's just a series of lows and highs / I just wanna create / It doesn't matter how I do it / Nobody ever.
  7. Directed by Traci Hays. With Anthony Bless, Christian Howard, Jessica Meza, Maury Wiederaenders.
  8. To drive away bad dreams. This spell uses herbal magic and correspondences to clear the bedroom of negative influence. It is often a good idea to use material which is easily available so you might use sprigs of rosemary, sage, ladies bedstraw or maize silks (broom corn).

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