8 thoughts on “ Dream While You Dance ”

  1. Someone Asks You to Dance If you dream that someone asks you to dance, then it highlights the notion that you are a follower. You feel that you need someone in order to be complete and in harmony. I dream dancing in the church while singing I being to speak in tongue. Reply. Anonymous May 8, I was dancing with my mother in a dream.
  2. To dream of objects while you dance, for example a ribbon or a flower indicates that you are going to have an inanimate encounter with an unexpected person. To break-dance or do hip-hop dancing denotes that every so often you think about the future and get worried.
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  4. Sep 14,  · Lucid dreaming may be a fascinating, helpful, or pleasant experience, but you should still consider why you are interested in achieving it, and what you expect to get from it, before trying to.
  5. Jun 10,  · All of us dream while sleeping. Just imagine if the dream you had last night, contained the answer that you had been looking for! What if we could actually look at our dreams .
  6. A dream about being naked while giving a presentation at work or in a classroom can reveal that you believe you are not fully prepared. Thus, this dream may be an indication that you have a fear that people will see you as a fraud or a sham, even though you are not.
  7. You agree to meet somewhere, for example the Bahamas. Then while you both dream, you travel to that place. When you get there, you tell your partner a secret. After you both wake up you can check.
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