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  1. • Gary, Indiana • Lida Rose (Reprise) • It’s You Ballet • Till There Was You • Goodnight, My Someone • Seventy-Six Trombones (Double Reprise) • Ice Cream Sociable • Till There Was You (Reprise) Minuet In G. The musical story of Harold Hill, a travelling con man, who is trying to sell band instruments and uniforms. He sets his.
  2. This music list is obvoiously flawed. you have Lida Rose Reprise listed but not the regular Lida Rose. —Preceding unsigned comment added by , 13 March (UTC) Fixed, thanks. -- Ssilvers , 14 March (UTC).
  3. Lida Rose (reprise) Shipoopi by Buddy Hackett and Ensemble Till There Was You by Shirley Jones; Goodnight, My Someone by Shirley Jones and Robert Preston; Seventy-six Trombones by Robert Preston and Ensemble Additional songs in the TV film () It's You by Meredith Willson and Ensemble.
  4. Allocate microphones to actors in a live performance. If you don't have enough microphones to devote one to each actor, this program will show you Missing: Lida Rose Reprise.
  5. Wells Fargo, Lida Rose & Reprise, It’s You PM: Run Through All Acts One & Two Quartet Everyone! FRI, JUNE 19 PM PFHS MOVE – IN SET! Everyone who can help! Trucks, power tools, and muscle power needed! Mon, June 22 7PM – PM PFHS Set Construction Everyone who can help. Bring Tools Tues. June 23, 7PM – PM PFHS.
  6. Inaugural Season W e ’ v e G o t M a g ic T o D o () West Market Street, P.O. Box 23 Marietta, Pennsylvania Missing: Lida Rose Reprise.
  7. Lida Rose (Reprise) Till There Was You; Goodnight & Seventy-Six Trombones (Double Reprise) Till There Was You (Reprise) Callboard. Streaming with MTI Stream Your Shows with MTI! MTI offers a new way to celebrate live theatre. Read More. Streaming with MTI & Disney.
  8. Later that night, the school board members try to get Harold’s credentials and yet again he gets them singing Lida Rose Marion is on her front porch pondering if she would ever tell Harold how she truly feels about him Will I Ever Tell You when a traveling salesman, Charlie Cowell (who was on the train in the beginning) enters asking her.

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