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  1. Carpenter Race Engines: Head Porting • Services • Sportbike Packages • Products • Projects • About Us A Cross Keys Rd • Berlin, NJ • • Fax
  2. Jun 14,  · Learn how to identify carpenter ants. Carpenter ants are a group of ants belonging to the genus Camponotus, of which there are over 1, species. Carpenter ants live on every continent except for Antarctica and, as individual species, have a wide variety of differentiating features. However, certain traits common to the entire genus are useful.
  3. Adult carpenter ant. The acrobat ant. The carpenter ant. look-alike. Acrobat ants, Crema-togaster sp., are often confused with carpenter ants since both may nest in dead wood. Acrobat ants are smaller than carpenter ants, 1⁄8 inch to 3⁄8 inch, and have a heart-shaped abdomen.
  4. Carpenter ant swarmers are male and female reproductives sent out from a mature nest with one purpose: establish more nests. Stage four: This is the worst stage of all. When carpenter ants go untreated, they can cause supports to weaken and framing to warp. This leads to stuck doors, stuck windows, slopey floors, sinking ceilings, and bulging.
  5. Carpenter ants have only one bump – or node – on their single-segmented, narrow waist. Some other species of ants have two nodes or more than one segment. Carpenter ants also have a rounded, smooth back, and heart-shaped head with powerful mandibles and elbowed antennae (Fig. 1). On winged carpenter ants – called alates – the front pair.
  6. Carpenter ants vary in color, but are usually black or dark-bodied. There are three general carpenter ant size classes, each with a different job classification. The major workers are the largest ants in a colony. Intermediate carpenter ants are mid-sized ants and minors are the smallest.
  7. Carpenter ant reproductives emerge from the colonies on warm days in the late spring and early summer. Mating occurs during a brief flight, after which the male dies. The female newly crowned queen removes her wings and searches for a suitable home, usually located in a cavity in the soft, moist, decaying wood of a hollow tree, stump, or log.
  8. May 26,  · To identify carpenter ants, first see if they’re black or brown, or a combination of black and orange, which carpenter ants can be. Additionally, try to estimate the size of your ants. Carpenter ants are generally small, only about 3/8 to ½ an inch long.
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