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  1. 1. an expresion of suprise. 2. a response to a suprising situation/coment/picture. 3. a conversation scapegoat. 4. a sarcastic reponse. 5. see oh dear 6. see jonathan costa 7. an old person term.
  2. oh my god An exclamation of shock or surprise, often used repeatedly by stupid people who are shocked and surprised by almost everything and insert it into conversations whenever possible " Oh my God, Becky, look at her butt!" by get over it!!
  3. A shopkeeper takes God to court when his shop is destroyed by an earthquake. More Like: OMG: Oh My God! Cast & Crew.
  4. Oh My God synonyms. Top synonyms for oh my god (other words for oh my god) are my god, my gosh and jesus.
  5. Sep 28,  · Oh My God!!!! yes this is what i have to say after watching this movie. Its just superb,it had everything,comedy,stunt,action,fiction,a serious message and a deep emotional connect. This kind of film is a rarity in modern world/10(K).
  6. Expressions of shock, surprise, or dismay, as in My God, don't tell me he's dying, or My goodness, what an awful outfit. The first term dates from about ; goodness in the variant is a euphemism for God.
  7. "Oh My God" is the fifth single from Alec Benjamin's debut studio album "These Two Windows". The song was premiered on February 13, , accompanied by a music video which features an older version of Benjamin contemplating how he has spent his life in fame.
  8. Oh My God Lyrics: Looking at the pictures I keep on my shelf / 'Cause it's been so long since I've looked like myself / Burn another candle down / Burn another candle down / Running low on patience.

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